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Updated Apr 20 2018
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Lacon Trade Day - Vendor (Dealer) Information

Open EVERY Saturday and Sunday, all year round, from Daybreak 'til Mid-Afternoon.
  • Lacon Trade Day is on Highway 31, less than one mile North of the "Lacon Exit" of I-65, or just over two miles South of the Town of Falkville.

  • Vendors arrive as early as 4:30 a.m. (opening) to grab the best spots. Vendors should arrive no later than 6:30 a.m. to be assured a spot on a busy day.

  • Enter by the old Main Street of the extinct Village of Lacon, just South of the old gas station on the Southwest corner of Highway 31 and West Lacon Road.

  • Yard (outdoor) vendor spots (10 feet wide) cost $4 for one day or $32 per month. Yard spots are measured and clearly marked to prevent any confusion.
    On sunny days, when it isn't too hot, most customer traffic is concentrated outside in the Yard area. No electrical power or tie downs for the Yard.

  • Shed (roof protected) spots are 10 feet wide cost $6 per day or $42 per month. Shed spots are mostly held by long-term dealers paying monthly.
    On hot, sunny afternoons, some customer traffic seeks the shade of Sheds, away from the heat of the Yard. No electrical power or tie downs for Sheds.

  • Barn (indoor) bays are 10 feet wide by 10' long individual lockup with an additional 10' depth of center aisle outside the lockup and cost $6 per day or $42 per month.
    Demand for Barns peaks during Winter months and rainy periods. Major advantages of Barns are electrical power (NOT for heat) and safe lockup!

  • If needed, a 6 foot table rents for $3 per day. A 10 foot canopy (shade) rents for $8 per day.

  • Repeat vendors are required (by Morgan County) to establish a sales tax practice and settle up each day. Contact Jerry Daniel (J.D.) Smith for details.

  • No sales of single-serving food or chilled drinks is allowed. This avoids conflict with established restuarants and avoids Health Department issues.

  • Vendor sales are only allowed in designated areas, completely outside of customer parking areas.

  • There is live-in, on-premises security all week. Many regular Vendors leave their fixtures in place. This is permitted only after pre-payment of spots.

  • For daily rentals, just pay the gatekeeper and find an open spot. For monthly rentals, contact Jerry Daniel (J.D.) Smith so that it can be dedicated.