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Customer Entry into Lacon Trade Day Market
There are two parking lots, one North of (right of) West Lacon Road (intersects the 4-lane, Highway 31), and the larger parking lot down the old Main Street of the Village of Lacon, South of (left of) the old gas station building on highway 31. The Main Street entry leads into the heart of the largest part of the market and into the South parking lot.
There is a nominal parking fee of 50 cents.

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North Parking Lot accessed by West Lacon Road

South Parking Lot accessed by old Lacon Main Street

Looking to the Southwest from Highway 31. The entrance to the South Parking Lot is on the left of the barn in the foreground.

Back in the old days, 2 highways ago, this lane was Highway 31, the highway between Nashville and Birmingham! This was also the main street of the town of Lacon.

Pay for parking and turn left toward the parking lot.

Procede past the line of barns on the left and shed on the right. Yield to pedestrians. This section is a loading zone only, NOT for customer parking.