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Updated Apr 20 2018
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History of Lacon Trade Day
Lacon was once a thriving little village in extreme southern Morgan County, Alabama. Located at the Northern foot of Burleson Mountain, alongside the railroad track and astride the Nashville to Birmingham highway, ready access to heavy shipping, a good spring, and premium clay combined to enable a substantial brickyard to thrive. The Lacon brickyard made bricks with a distinctive mark, "LACON" impressed into the large sides of the bricks. There was a store and Post Office at Lacon as well as perhaps a dozen homes. After the brickyard closed and a new highway bypassed the little village, Lacon practically disappeared. Services were assumed by the nearby "whistle-stop" town of Falkville.

Lacon was reborn in the 1970s as a large weekend flea market, Lacon Trade Day! Exit 318 of Interstate 65 is the "Lacon" exit, less than one mile South of the old town site and present day flea market. A "lagoon" alongside highway 31 and Trade Day is said to be a legacy of digging clay for the brick factory.

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